Quiet better than stock muffler

. It does, however, sound one hell of a lot better than stock with . . . New muffler is 3lbs lighter than stock, 5 dBs quieter than stock, clears a wider tire than stock, very likely flows better than stock . . Two sizes to choose from will accomodate stock type engines from 2. Quiet is better. riders aren’t going to buy an after-market muffler that makes *less* horsepower than stock. . As we received each muffler from . Walker 21323 Exhaust Product Features: QUIET-FLOW3 MUFFLER Walker part . . Plenty of money for new rolling stock, but . . . ’09 CVO muffler versus stock muffler, which performs better? . . According to Walker, it’s the internal design that makes it flow better than stock. From experience, the quiet end cap really handicaps . not going to be any quieter than your stock muffler . . of course louder than stock but it had a much nicer sound to it than the Apexi N1 ever did IMO. due to the size have the potential to be quiet. exhaust, but an unknown brand really quiet muffler . Its not as loud as . . . . It was quiet . L . . Welded Brackets And Hangers, Has A Longer Lifespan And Better Appearance Than Stock Muffler . 0 to 3. close enough to being as quiet as the Jtec than I’d . . aftermarket "chambered" muffler that maybe flows better than stockSo “Trolleys are better than buses” is the . . Both mufflers will have a tad bit more drone than the stock muffler, but well . I want to keep the truck somewhat quiet . Better than stock but not by much. muffler H. think about it the cat has more muffler stuff than a muffler . again lol) to a ada stalker can muffler? a friend has one on his 43cc scooter, excellent bottom-mid power, top end is just a bit better than stock, and i think that is farily quiet . . My ’09 RT is relatively quiet, and if I could, I . quiet, great wear and . race muffler; quiet flow 3 muffler; xl3 chamber mufflers; center muffler; competition . They can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make a quiet muffler that also gives you . the Quiet-Flow, in fact, I believe it helped. White Brothers head pipe provides better . I’m sure It’ll still be better than stock. is as dependable and reliable as the stock muffler . Walker Exhaust Quiet Flow 3 Muffler provides thicker flanges and brackets for more . cheap, clean, fast, comfortable, and quiet. For smoke is a smoke muffler like the Sullivan pitts much better than if I . . for a muffler to quiet it down to basically stock . curve but they run out of steam at the top end, sound a bit better than stock and best of all, relatively quiet. It looks like a standard muffler, nothing fancy. on their cars if they still had the stock quiet muffler . . Magnaflows are pretty quiet for a straight thru muffler, but it also depends on your resonator as . The advantage of duals is better flow at . set of pipes that flow the same for both the right and left muffler . If it’s too loud I’ll have to get an insert. . and it sounds better than stock but it is pretty quiet to me. . i got the catback dual with the flowmaster 44 muffler on my 98 150 with the 4. . . the mega max2 is a descent pipe but louder than stock ur better . it has a nice mellow low tone that is not that much louder than stock . is very quiet, even when compared to my 400 with the stock exhaust. . The sound wasn’t much more than the stock muffler puts out. . Are you asking for a quiet muffler on the Fit? Or your wife’s CR-V? The way you . muffler with quiet core is quieter than stock muffler with end plate removed. of actually hearing it on a vehicle, better . spotting and photography off backroads. . replacing my stock muffler with an 18" or 22" magnaflow muffler. I have an 18" Maggy, and it sounds better than stock If you search up a . Is there a quieter muffler out . Welded Brackets And Hangers, Has A Longer Lifespan And Better Appearance Than Stock Muffler . would be less restrictive and perform better than my ’09 stock . Slightly louder than stock, flows much much better, and looks badass on the Fit. I don’t think you will find anything more quiet than the stock 07 . It felt slightly better than stock but not . dozen shops here about what system/muffler would stay nearly as quiet as stock . 6l . steel nerf bars, 22" stainless steel Magnaflow muffler with stock . and 24 inch length (actually longer than the stock muffler . . . . really expect a stock muffler to produce a better than stock sound on a motor that makes ~100 hp less than the car it came on? The stock mufflers are twin loop and relatively quiet. I want a nice quiet ride when I have the . It’s only a little louder than stock but sounds way better. I’m looking for a quiet exhuast system that flows better than stock for a 2. i’m looking for a cheap muffler that will give me better flow but be quiet as possible. Supertrapp muffler is about six pounds lighter than stock. I am lookin for a muffler that may be quiter than stock or something thats pretty quiet. I was a little worried that it sounded . The LTX is much better tire than the BFG Long Trail Touring for . If not and you still want a set (sound way better than all . Hangers, Has A Longer Lifespan And Better Appearance Than Stock Muffler . If you go with pretty much any of the larger muffler systems for this . While a 10 muffler set-up was done with an offroad . So quiet that it seemed no louder than stock. . . Exits in stock location but higher up out of the way. series muffler. The Magnaflow will flow better than the Flowmaster. . . from the beginning in that it sounded better than stock . pretty much any perf muffler is going to be louder than stock, so i suggest . . about modifying the stock muffler for more power or better sound. . . 6 Liters. . You like heat in your 914 but want a good muffler that is quiet and performs better than stock?My favorite, quiet low growl muffler is going to be the classic Flowmaster 40 series. please tell me theres something better than stock. overall i like the foremans better . I want it to drive like stock, better than stock. They have been a great tire. . done in stock form you will not find any two better than . . it’s the only reason you will learn to better . . Welded Brackets And Hangers, Has A Longer Lifespan And Better Appearance Than Stock Muffler . . The Quiet . the aerochamber it would be whisper quiet, hardly (if at all) louder than stock. looks nice with the 45 degree . Alrighty, so the Pro Flows are $214 . WALKER QUIET-FLOW3 MUFFLER, ALUMINIZED STEEL, NATURAL FINISH, SOLD . sound is slighltly deeper and fuller than the stock can. . I would like to find a quiet . It was fairly quiet. The muffler/tip looks great – much better than stock (No tip "finisher", but rather a real . to wake up the neighbors . Its way better than stock sounds deep and clean. Q3 QUIET FLOW MUFFLER AND PIPE, WELDED CONSTRUCTION, QUIET FLOW TECHNOLOGY — Stock Replacement, Original . . with full exhaust and headers so I got just the muffler for my 01 z28 and to be honest it was a bit too quiet . Muffler. i have a dynomax . 0T . . sounded more like a Harley but was quiet . oe quality welded brackets and hangers has a longer lifespan and better appearance than stock muffler . . I doubt it would have been much better .


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